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Appendix C

  Contributing to this site is quite simple, send me an e-mail. If I get the mail and it is something that makes sense, I add you to the list of contributors and combine your effort into my own. I do have a stipulation however, that which is contributed here gets covered by my copyright, it is for the sake of simplicity, I would rather not have a dozen copyright notices in Appendix G

  If that is not acceptable for you, that is really fine. While I welcome assistance, I do not welcome complexity. I would rather you tell me, "you're totally wrong here," and maybe explain why, then you supply me with a detailed correction which thoroughly repairs the gap in logic, fault in thought process or bold-faced lie but attach terms to this assistance.

  Maybe you think you can give me a few bucks to get a domain? I probably would not be bothered using the money for it, the one which I have now is good enough for me. If someone does not want to take the data compiled or the opinions expressed here seriously just because the term, "my-balls," is in the domain, then that is their problem, not my own. It is nice of you to think of it though, it shows you care about trying to help other people, even when I am not willing to help them.

  Other means by which you may contribute, in the most loose of manners, is by pointing people to the site, it does not directly add to the quality of the work, but even though many people say that the concept of many eyes helping to improve code does nothing, it really does help. Not for the complex stuff, not for the things that really matter, fundamental probelms, but spelling errors, grammer, redundancy, and other simple problems can be fixed just by people reading, seeing and reporting these faults.

This site and it's contents, however incomplete and poorly made, are copyright © 2005 - 2018 Nathan Montague and contributors. See the Appendix for details on licence and usage. This site is not affiliated with OpenBSD in any way, it is an unofficial reference which is available as an altruistic gesture. Server, bandwidth and assistance generously provided by Sirius Hosting.