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A Nutshell

  OpenBSD, when you get down to it, is the most conservative of the open source operating systems. security focused, stable, boring. OpenBSD is the second most popular of the BSDs, second only to FreeBSD, it's the second most portable BSD, second only to NetBSD and it's the only system with a very clear line of what is and is not open source or free software enough for them.

  In essence, OpenBSD is above all else the brain-child of Theo de Raadt, what he says goes, what he decries, is taboo. Those who work on OpenBSD due so with the full understanding that they are not working for the people who use OpenBSD, they are working on OpenBSD for themselves. When a user wants a change made, they must step up, because it's not going to come about magically.

  OpenBSD's history, it's identity, it's morals, code practices and it's community are all covered within the Introduction section of this site.

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