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Appendix D

  The following individuals and organizations contributed to the initial or further development of this work, through direct contributions, explaination of concepts in guides, howtos, slides, etc., discussion, inspiration, stimulation, titillation or unconventional means I will otherwise not list.

Nathan Montague, Socorro Laithan, Jason Dixon, Nicholas Marriott, Peter Wayner, Frank Denis, Ben Goren, David E. Evans, Christian Weisgerber, Scott Francis, Greg Lehey, Marshall Kirk McKusick, Brad Schonhorst and of course every one of the developers of OpenBSD not already explicitly mentioned.

  Of special note are The FreeBSD Documentation Project and their FreeBSD Handbook as well as The NetBSD Foundation and their NetBSD Guide which between them showed me how I did as well as how I did not want to see this reference work.

This site and it's contents, however incomplete and poorly made, are copyright © 2005 - 2018 Nathan Montague and contributors. See the Appendix for details on licence and usage. This site is not affiliated with OpenBSD in any way, it is an unofficial reference which is available as an altruistic gesture. Server, bandwidth and assistance generously provided by Sirius Hosting.