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Appendix F

Ok, so you want to let the world know you like OpenBSD? Well, there are some graphics here that you can put on your site to show people you use OpenBSD. But please people, this is not free bandwidth I'm handing out, take the graphic and host it on your server if you like it enough to use it, or I will just make it so you cannot link them directly, and we don't want that. Remember though, there is always the licence to be mindful of.

Powered by

F&F OSU 640x480 - the image itself needs to be remade, because it was a quick mock-up, but once I make the time and have the font, you'd best believe there will be a good version.

OpenBSD in Space! 640x480
OpenBSD in Space! 800x600
OpenBSD in Space! 1024x768
OpenBSD in Space! 1280x1024

Think securely, black on white 1280x1024

Think securely, black on white 1280x1024
Think securely, black on white 1600x1200
Think securely, black on white 1920x1200

Think securely, white on black 1280x1024
Think securely, white on black 1600x1200
Think securely, white on black 1920x1200


And check it out, an OS-tan just for us, OpenBSD-tan is kinda a punk rocker, you can use the image and character entirely freely, the only thing I ask with her is that you don't do anything you wouldn't want your mother to see, if you're doing something like that, draw your own image to deface please. Drawn by spacecoyote.

Ok, so we've got your standard background images, in a few sizes, "powered by," images, in common sizes as well as a couple wonky ones, what more could you possibly need? Gtk themes? qt themes? Well, maybe if someone submits one.

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