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   % wine; talk; touch; unzip; finger; strip; gasp; mount
   % until [[$CLIMAX = 1]]; do fsck; more; yes; gasp; done
   % uptime; umount; make clean; sleep
   % nice

  News, these links either matter or point to things that do.   Just random whatever, these are my Misc links. They'll likely only be of interest to me, my own personal Bookmarks.   Stories, these may be things I like to read, once read or intend on reading, but somewhere within them is something I find to be a virtue, probably dick jokes or excessive cleavage.
  • Sinfest, the dealings of man and woman, cats and dogs, gods and devils, even buddhas! All done by Tatsuya Ishida.
  • Chugworth Academy, an odd comic following a series of girls, with a dash of cheesecake-based humour. Mostly by Dave Cheung, with some help writing Jamal Joseph.
  • The Realm of Atland, a fantastic comedy comic by Nate Piekos. Action! Adventure! Boobs! The comic's got a quickly progessing story and enough humour and sexual innuendo to keep me amused.
  • Van Von Hunter, another parody comic, this one taking on zombie flicks, high fantasy and... stuff! It's drawn by Mike Schwark and writen by Ron Kaulfersch.
  • Sexy Losers/The Thin H Line, a sexually explorative comedic comic by Clay/Hard. The single most amusing thing ever to come from the Internet, Clay's work on the Thin H Line, then Sexy Losers is the most impressive collection of comedy I know of. Ended, but not forgotten, hope it starts anew some day.
  • Ghastly's Ghastly Comic, an adult comic by Uncle Ghastly. How many men can take a word and make it their own? Ghastly is one of them, googling his nick brings you straight to his site, not many people can claim to have dominated a word, he can. Ended/hiatused, but definately worth looking through.
  • Saturnalia, a manga-styled comic by Nina "spacecoyote" Matsumoto. The distinct artistic style, the unique slant and story, it's a winning combination, though it's a little slow progressing.
  • Shadowlark Symphony, an unusual tale that's been restarted like three times, but it has been a source of entertainment. Done by Patrick Plance, with some help by his buddy Mutant Penguin.
  • Awkward Zombie, a mostly gaming comic by Katie Tiedrich. It's mostly dealing with Smash Brothers-based situations.
  • Dueling Analogs, gaming humour with a slight Nintendo bias. By Steve Napierski.
  • Penny Arcade, a mostly gaming comic drawn by Mike "Gabe" Krahulik and writen by Jerry "Tycho" Holkins. Sometimes strange, sometimes funny, sometimes just stupid, it's a hit-and-miss show, but worth checking from time to time.
  • Cat and Girl, an anthromophic cat and a little girl have adventures, like a strange Calvin and Hobbes. Done by Dorothy Gambrell.
  • Shortpacked!, about a group of people working at a toy store, and their obcessions and foibles, by David Willis.
  • Questionable Content, it's like a sitcom, with an antromorphic PC, by Jeph Jaques.
  • xkcd, Randall Munroe's twisted geek humour, largely math or velociraptor related.
  • diesel sweeties, a pixel-based comic dealing with culture and the relations between people and the technology they love by Richard Stevens. The furry sex jokes are there too!
  • The Joy of Tech, a geek culture comic by Nitrozac and Snaggy. They did a decent job with their X Commandments.
  • Everybody loves Eric Raymond, Eric Raymond, Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Bruce Perens and Mark Shuttleworth all living in the same neighborhood, a mockery of the stupid things they say and do. Done by John Leach with some writing credit to Louisa Parry, and random strangers.
  • The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, a superhero spoofer, by Justin Pierce.
  • Twisted Kaiju Theater, a photo-based webcomic, with photoshopping mixed in, using plastic toys of various kinds, home of the Kaiju Girls. Done by Sean McGuinness.
  • Lil Formers, a parody comic revolving around what else but the venerable Transformers franchise? The comic's by Matt Moylan. It's got a good sense of humour and is pretty consistant with the funny-making.
  • 8-bit Theater, a pixel-based parody comic, by Brian Clevinger. Though not the first and surely not the last, this Nintendo loving, Final Fantasy spoofing comic is definately the best to make use of the art from any game.
  • Bigger Than Cheeses, an almost surreal comedic comic by Desmond Seah. While it's not always the funniest comic out there, Desmond manages to be one of the most consistantly funny online comic I've found.
  • Krakow, honestly, how can one go wrong with Succubus? Writen and drawn by Sean Lindsay. He also writes Marilith, with John Staton as artist for that one, it's not so much with the funny, but still entertains.
  • Demonology 101, a tale about a young demon and her dealings in her first year of high school, by Faith Erin Hicks. The story is completed.
  • Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal, it's the Far Side, gone off the far side, by Zach Weiner.
  • The Perry Bible Fellowship, surreal, it's so far off the far side that SMBC can't see it half the time, by Nicholas Gurewitch.
  • Joe and Monkey, a comic with, ah shit, kleptobot took the description, it's done by Zach Miller.
  • Gone with the Blastwave, gritty war story, where the Reds fight hard against their superiour opponents the Yellows, and the other guys, the Blues, by Kimmo Lemetti.
  • Last Blood, what happens when your only source of food is being eradicated? Why, you save them for later. A story of vampyres and zombies in middle America, by Bobby Crosby and Owen Gieni.
  • marvelous bob, though not online anymore, and not a comic, but rather a set of short stories, told by Michael Bounauro these tales were entertaining, if told somewhat out-of-order. The tale of an ordanary man with the powers of a god in a world with super heroes, Bob sought to come to terms with who and what he was.

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