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I have crazy ideas, like a Piracy Party of Canada, a technocratic political party based on a Socialist and Libertarian balance where the governing people must have credentials in order to hold offices, the Minister of Education would have to be an acredited and experienced educator in order to be offered the job. A policy of imposing said crediental requirements on future government ministers as well as opening up the means for all foriegn acredited officials to simply be tested and obtain the equivalent degree to that which they hold in their home in Canada, and just open up crediting, like those of doctorates, to actual tests rather than massive courses, so those who truly know about a subject need not subject themselves to Universities and instead move straight to testing and their profession. Meritocracy basically.

Madness, I know.

There are many interesting things on the Internet, meat cake is one of those things, one day I wish to make one, in the style of a log cake.

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