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  If you do not object to something, you accept it. If you work with it, support it even, that is acceptance. Whether or not you like it does not come into play, you've already accepted it.

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Genetically a scandanavian/gaul/saxon, I am a fat white guy. I've got the blue eyes and long blond hair one could find on any technoviking, but I am just not built to be that badass. I like Unix to a degree and make use of it daily, I am studying programming and attempting to get my fat ass some skills so I can do some work, while not particularly interesting, I do joe-jobs while doing this studying.

I read too much, and do not apply that which I seek to master enough to properly grasp the concepts entirely, I am lazy. Work that I can avoid, I do, work I cannot avoid, I put off, work I cannot put off, I usually ignore.

Look at pornography, play board games/Wii/DS and sleep a great deal more than I should.

Stare at a coworker's ass every chance I get, she's got an epic one.

That's more than you should know, right?

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