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  God - A way to convince oneself the voice in their head is not a bad thing.

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  Error Credits: This page, gives a little bit of information on my errors, incase someone wonders about them.

That you saw an error to begin with means you did something wrong, but obviously you were wondering about one of the images you saw, wanting to know what the hell compelled me to use it on this site, well, info follows:
  • 404: That's 404-tan, a quasi-OS-tan who represents the standard http error code, 404, which means Not Found. She's from 2chan originally, as are all the OS-tans, but has bounced around the Internet for a while.
  • 403: Mahoro, she's the target of an Internet meme, her chibi image is used in a sign saying, "Don't stick it in her pooper." Now, this image of forboding prompted me to seek out a better version of that image, in the end I found a source for what you see on error 403, it took some photoshopping, but was not hard and did not take long to make.
  • 401: I really don't know her name, but she comes from an image called thanatos5ja.jpg, which has been around for a while on the Nets and finally came to my attention through #btc on, I made the animated gif myself, and added the eyes and mouth, to make it conform to the lazer meme that exists.

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