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Taking one for the team, the drinks listed here have been tasted by myself, they're my opinion, if you agree with me on one, you may agree with another you've not yet tasted yourself. Note that I refer to carbonation, burn, flavour, aftertaste and price as points of importance, some things are just too pricey despite having a balanced, smooth carbonation and excellent flavour.

BAWLS - Vanilla/Lick'em Stick combo, too expensive to have regularly
PSW Trading Ltd's Red Bull - Red Flintstones Vitamins.
Pepsi's Sobe's Long John Lizard's Grape Grog - Grape Juice, you can taste the seeds.
Coke's Sprite Remix - Just another Sprite, with a hint of wildberry, blackberry and rasberry.
Jolt Silver - a metallically tinged doppleganger of BAWLS, but cheaper and more for the cheaper price
Jolt Blue - pretending to taste like berry, this mild flavoured drink has a long-lasting aftertaste, but a pleasent one
Jolt Ultra - it's like Frescaish, with less of the carbonated effect and a lesser burn.

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