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  One cannot propigate altruism, it is no longer an act of charity when you are forced into the act. The GPL is a system of reciprocation, not altruism.

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I can kill people but without me there would be no people.
I was born long ago and will someday die.
I can cause fire and am a magician with water.
I have more brothers than any person.
There is very little that can stop me.
What am I?

Answer: A Celestial Body

In the day or in the night
all people have seen this sight,
On the ocean or on the plain
most people have seen the same,
On this world and on no other
has been shown to me by my brother,
Some leader once generalized it
but many things have been called it.
What is it?

Answer: A monster

The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one
and down did come.
What am I?

Answer: A guillotine

My first is foremost legally,
My second circles outwardly,
My third leads all in victory,
My fourth ends twice a nominee
My whole is this gates only key.
What am I?

Answer: Love

I turn my head and you may go where you want.
I turn it again, you will stay till you rot.
I have no face, but I live or die
by my crooked teeth
Who am I?

Answer: A Key

Man of old, it is told
Would search until he tired,
Not for gold, ne'er be sold,
But what sought he was fire.
Man today, thou mayst say,
Has quite another aim,
In places deep, he did seek,
To find me for his gain!
What am I?

Answer: Honor

Black I am and much admired,
Men seek me until they're tired;
When they find me, break my head,
And take me from my resting bed.
What am I?

Answer: Coal

Of no use to one
Yet absolute bliss to two.
The small boy gets it for nothing.
The young man has to lie for it.
The old man has to buy it.
The baby's right,
The lover's privilege,
The hypocrite's mask.
To the young girl, faith;
To the married woman, hope;
To the old maid, charity.
What am I?

Answer: A Kiss

I cut through evil
     like a double edged sword,
And chaos flees at my approach.
     Balance I single-handedly upraise,
Through battles fought with heart and mind,
     Instead of with my gaze.
What am I?

Answer: Justice

It comes only before,
     It comes only after,
Rises only in darkness,
     But rises only in light.
It is always the same,
     But is yet always different.
What am I?

Answer:The moon

A golden treasure that never stays;
     The coin whose face gives wealth to all.
Strands, nuggets, and dust of gold
     are all bought with its shining grace. . .
And all are more precious than any gleaming metal.
What am I?

Answer:The sun

As destructive as life,
     As healing as death;
An institutioner of strife,
     Just as prone to bless.
It is all that is good,
     Yet with an evil trend;
As it was the beginning of things,
     It can also be the end.
What am I?

Answer:Fire, but Love also seems to work (though it was not the intended

I am the part of the bird
     that is not in the sky,
Who can drown in the ocean
     and yet remain dry.
A last vestige of man
     that refuses to die.
In mourning I am tossed
     at your feet to lie;
I begin my job early,
     devouring your ankles and thighs.
I work my way up,
     eating your legs to your waist.
And though around midday away I am chased,
     I return quickly,
To savor the arm of my taste.
     As evening falls I enter your lungs,
Spiraling down
     past your mouth and your tongue.
I feast on your body, your soul, and your mind,
     but as darkness falls you shall find
That away I will go, a relief for some;
     At least until tomorrow morning comes.
What am I?

Answer:Your shadow

I make you weak at the worst of all times.
I keep you safe, I keep you fine.
I make your hands sweat, and your heart grow cold,
I visit the weak, but seldom the bold.
What am I?

Answer: Fear

There are four brothers in this world that were all born together:
The first he runs and never wearies,
The second eats and is never full.
The third he drinks and is ever thirsty,
And the fourth sings a song that is never good.
Who are they?

Answer: Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind.

I don't think or eat or slumber
or move around or fear thunder
just like you I look the same
but I can't harm you or be your bane
What am I?

Answer: A doll

An eye in a blue face
Saw an eye in a green face.
"That eye is like to this eye"
Said the first eye,
"But in low place,
Not in high place."
What are they?

Answer: the small eye is a daisy in field of grass, the big eye is the sun

It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
It lies behind stars and under hills,
    And empty holes it fills.
It comes first and follows after,
    Ends life, kills laughter. What is it?

Answer: Darkness

Two horses, swiftest traveling,
Harnessed in a pair, and
Grazing ever in places
Distant from them.
What am I?

Answer: Eyes

A harvest sown and reaped on the same day
In an unplowed field,
Which increases without growing,
Remains whole though it is eaten
Within and without,
Is useless and yet
The staple of nations.
What am I?

Answer: War

If you break me
I do not stop working,
If you touch me
I may be snared,
If you lose me
Nothing will matter.
What am I?

Answer: Hope

I go around in circles,
But always straight ahead
Never complain,
No matter where I am led.
What am I?

Answer: Wheel

If a man carried my burden,
He would break his back.
I am not rich,
But leave silver in my track.
What am I?

Answer: Snail

Weight in my belly,
Trees on my back,
Nails in my ribs,
Feet I do lack.
What am I?

Answer: boat, but I accepted cave as an answer

Colored as a maiden tweaked,
time was naught when I began;
through the garden I was sneaked,
I alone am the fall of man.
What am I?

Answer: An Apple

One thin, one bold,
one sick, one cold.
The earth we span,
to prey upon man.
Who are we?

Answer: The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

He who makes it does not keep it.
He who takes it does not know it.
He who knows it does not want it.
He who gathers it must destroy it.
What am I?

Answer: Counterfeit Money

Dead and bound,
what once was free.
What made no sound,
now sings with glee.
What am I?

Answer: A Wooden, Stringed Instrument

'Twas in heaven pronounced, and 'twas muttered in hell,
An echo caught faintly the sound as it fell;
On the confines of earth 'twas permitted to rest,
And the depths of the ocean its presence confessed;
'Twill be found in the sphere when 'tis riven asunder,
Be seen in the lightning and heard in the thunder.
'Twas allotted to man with his earliest breath,
Attends him at birth, and awaits him in death,
Presides o'er his happiness, honor, and health,
Is the prop of his house, and the end of his wealth.
In the heaps of the miser 'tis hoarded with care,
But is sure to be lost on the prodigal heir.
It begins every hope, every wish it must bound,
With the husbandman toils, and with monarchs is crowned.
Without it the soldier, the seaman may roam,
But woe to the wretch who expels it from home!
In the whispers of conscience its voice will be found,
Nor e'en in the whirlwind of passion be drowned.
'Twill not soften the heart; but though deaf be the ear,
It will make it acutely and instantly hear.
Yet in shade let it rest, like a delicate flower,
Ah... breathe on it softly, - it dies in an hour.
What is it?

Answer: The letter "H"

I walked and walked and at last I got it;
I didn't want it, so I stopped and looked for it;
When I found it, I threw it away.
What was it?

Answer: A thorn

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